The Definition of an Unhealthy Relationship

July 15, 2009
By megan pierce BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
megan pierce BRONZE, Rochester, Massachusetts
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Your name echoes in my head
Bouncing around with no end
Always messing up my thoughts
Making me stop
And think of you
And every little thing you do
Its an enjoyable annoyance
Begging for my compliance
I never want it to go away
I could listen to your name every minute of everyday
Until my heart is broken
Your name no longer is spoken
Leaving me hurt
Like the toy thats left in the dirt
I must admit
I'm unable to quit
As hard as I try
I cant say good-bye
I dont know what to do
Theres just something about you
It may just be a magical trick
What ever it is
Its something I'll always miss
Its just so addictive
And makes me way to submissive
Your the ultimate high
One thats hard to find
And please dont pull me down from my cloud
I like it too much when you're around
I tell myself I should leave you alone
Then I feel the heartbreak right down to the bone
People always tell me
You're the opposite of what I need
But i want you more than anyone could know
More than a child longs for the snow
Pissing me off is a weekly ordeal
Yet, it makes my feelings for you even more real
I force myself to grin and bare it
While inside I'm having a massive fit
But I end up letting it go
Because you start to let the side I love show
And once again you've got me hooked
It'll be a while until your name is out of my book
Till then I'll cherish
Every moment my heart wont perish
I know I have a problem
But why cant we let this blossom
Into a full blown addiction
Until I recieve yet another note of eviction
Coming straight from your heart
And then this process can fully restart

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