Sounds of Nature

July 15, 2009
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An undistinguished daffodil
Responding, with secrets,
To the placid wind.
A common bird voicing
Its urgent and meaningful
Chorus, the herald of the
An unusual red ant,
Burning with the sun’s delight, aggressively climbing
Mounds, or mountains,
Whichever you like. Also,
searching for scarce and
invaluable food, to serve
before the Queen.
A quaint green tree
Standing on the firm yet
Unpredictable ground, seeming
To skim the perpetual sky
And kiss the celestial sun
The wind, who responds to the
Daffodil and carries the tune
Of the pigeon, surely assists
The red ant on
His undertakings, and
Infuses magic through
The fidgeting trees
The blue sky
Gazing down
On the tranquil, yet raging waters,
Always smiling
But not always present

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