The Guns Were Fired

July 15, 2009
By Crisisoftheworld. BRONZE, North Brookfield, Massachusetts
Crisisoftheworld. BRONZE, North Brookfield, Massachusetts
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It was just a normal day,
For kids from Columbine High,
But two teens had something planned.
This was their last goodbye.

It wasn't just a fluke that morn'
For these kids anyway.
They planned for almost an entire year,
And wrote of hatred each day.

Then on that one Tuesday in April,
The 20th to be exact.
It was the anniversary of Hitler's birthday.
Did that have an impact?

No one really had a clue
Of what was going on.
Most of the students thought it was a joke,
Until their friends were gone.

While the culprits planted their bombs
And shot everyone in sight,
Everyone fled to hiding spots,
But it was not alright.

One of the plotters found a girl,
She hid like shy pray.
"Would you like to die?" he said,
But, she did not want to play.

They shot all the ones they hated,
The popular, the athletes, the geeks.
And with their guns, they made the choice
Of who was to live, or so to speak.

After all the damage was done,
Parents rushed to school.
They hoped to find their kids were safe.
It wasn't April Fools.

Many lives were lost that day,
The day two teens showed hate.
It was full of horror and sadness,
For those who were the bait.

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