What is loss?

July 15, 2009
What is loss?
There is always gain
But you only see what you want to see
So I only saw gain

In seventh grade
I never cared about gain
I lived life to the fullest
But sometimes it was much too full

I snuck out
I spent everything whenever I could
I had no doubt
Because I never saw gain nor loss

That all changed when school ended
My straight A’s were gone
My report card was repulsive
And then I saw loss

I lost the trust of my family
I lost the privileges that I had
I lost the pride of my mother
And then I lost my dad

Here comes eighth grade
All I could think about was gain
I wanted more; I needed more
So I took all chances

What did I gain?
I gained top scores
I gained new respect
And I gained awards

But what I never realized
Was that gain comes with loss
How could I be so stupid
To never see what I lost?

What did I lose?
I lost my friends
I lost my love
And I lost my self

But now summer is here
And I try to gain it all back
Balance is hard
But it must be done

So here I am
With the right grades
And the right friends
And I have now learned
That there is not gain, without the loss

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