Here's To You

July 15, 2009
By hanna9991 BRONZE, Doyle, Tennessee
hanna9991 BRONZE, Doyle, Tennessee
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My heart has been stolen, ripped from my chest
And even though you've hurt me, I love you no less.
I see your face and I know God is real
There is a part of my soul that you seem to fill.
When I am with you, I want to time freeze
Because I feel no pain and my mind is at ease.
I remember the times when you held me close
As we danced the last dance, I am luckier than most.
I got that chance two years in a row
And each time, you set my face aglow.
I looked into your eyes as you looked into mine
Then you sang to me... you really are one of a kind.
I remember it all, from beginning to end
I want to relive it again and again.
We've had our share of fights, no doubt
So many, in fact, that I have lost count.
But through it all, you have stood by me
And I have discovered how amazing you can be.
So here's to you, the one I love with my whole heart
You are the one who kept me from falling apart.
Here's to you, the one I trust with my soul
Here's to you--I love you-- and just wanted you to know.

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