Contradictions Abound

July 15, 2009

I’ll lead the anarchists,
Government rules.
Contradictions abound.

I’ll see to your fate,
Locked away.
Cellars musty.

Liberalism is justified,
Not by mine.
Yourself and forever.

See to it,
Dank and disused.
Run from the sun.

I’ll lead them, those that say
they cannot think,
Nor feel.

Lead them to war,
I see not place to go.
I cannot think,
Nor feel.

Sometimes the wind just blows,
Dust rises.
I cannot see.

Contradictions abound,
The blind, can see.
The mute, can scream.

Over the lines,
Drawn on sun-parched earth.
I’ll lead them.

Leaving isn’t right.
There’s no need to stay.
I cannot think,
Nor feel.

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