July 15, 2009
By Anonymous

When you see the one you love have to suffer
You wonder why it is you that can’t act tougher
You cry yourself to sleep every night
So by morning you can say that everything will be alright
You watch them closely waiting for the fall
While your still trying to stand tall
You know what will happen in the end
But yet you still try to pretend
“Everything will be fine
Don’t worry the sun is still going to shine”
You lie to yourself over and over again
But you both still feel the pain
Your parents don’t treat her half normal
It’s most likely that she won’t even be able to attend the formal
No matter what they say
You’re the one who has to pray
No one sees what you have to go through
They just believe you’re acting a little blue
As time passes
You see her worsen as she acts like a dead person
Soon time will come
When there is nothing left to do but cry out to your mum.

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