July 15, 2009
I wonder sometimes if
The thoughts I’m
Having are in your head,
I wonder sometimes,
If the whole
World just revolves around
I wonder if God started
To create the world
Because of one
Maybe he thought
That his children
Deserved somewhere to
And grow.
I wonder if he made it for himself,
To see if he could,
I wonder if it was a test round,
And if it was the first world he
Had created.
But God’s not self-centered.
Is he?
No, he wouldn’t
Create a world just to
See if he could.
I wonder if you’ve thought about
Dumping me as much
As I have you.
I wonder if you care.
I wonder
I wonder if
All thoughts become something,
Or go somewhere…
When they flee your mind.
Like, when you lose a thought
Because you become occupied with
Something else.
Do they go somewhere?
All the forgotten
I wonder.
I wonder.

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