July 15, 2009
By stepherz GOLD, Solon, Ohio
stepherz GOLD, Solon, Ohio
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I love you.
Wisps of hair fall into your face,
Breaking free from the gel you surreptitiously tried to smooth into your head.
I stand a few feet away from you, giggling,
Attempting to avoid your warm grasp.
You pull me into your arms, madly,
And I have found my other half.

I am loving you.
Hush now, you’re telling me to explain,
Explain how I am feeling, feeling so alive?
On my stomach, your head rests
Pretending to be staring at a fuzzy screen
Only listening to each other.

I will love you.
As the darkness creeps around the branches of silhouetted trees,
I curl up in my room and whisper.
I whisper of things that happen and did,
Like a mere game,
We carve out our paths, tracing and intertwining
As we move our pieces forward.

I was loving you.
Undoubtedly, unfaltering, unwavering, I did.
You saw me, drowning, as I clutched onto our hearts as only
An asphyxiated person can do.
The anchor was released, and the dream disappeared.
Even the most buoyant life jackets cannot live through the waves.

I loved you.
I have loved you.

I have loved.

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