July 14, 2009
By Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
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Departed from the world
Lost, and all alone
Gone, and away from home

Said goodbye
And I’ll never see you again
Don’t want to see your “puppy” face
Or hear your desperate plea
To get me to stay
I’m leaving today
So, ta ta, not just for now, but for the rest of eternity

I’ve got to pursue something
Anything, really
Just as long as it’s worth my living

You’re holding me on a leash
That’s too tight, you’re choking
Living my life for me
Holding on to me with all your might

It’s not going to work
I must leave
I have to do something
Or else I’ll die if I keep living the way I’m living

It’s going to be hard
I’m already lost and I just left
But it’s essential for my life
If you want me to live

I’ll fall down
Maybe even get hurt
But I’ll get back up
And dust the dirt off

I’ll be okay
A lot better than I was
As long as I’m away from you
So goodbye my darlings
I must leave
So I can actually live a life
Of something

Don’t shed any tears
Or feel anger or hate
Just erase me from your mind
And we’ll both be okay

I’m leaving
Bye, bye

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