Just Hate Me

July 14, 2009
By Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
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Just Hate Me

The saying
“It’s better to love than to lose”
Is a bunch of crap for me and you

We loved and we lost
Now all we have is pain & sorrow
Sorrow & pain
Regret and remorse

We detest what we started
Started the love that tortures us both
But love what we stopped
The love for each other that we tried to end
Because if we would have kept going
We would both be dead

Although we’re already dying
From the tortures passion
That we created for each other

We have tried everything
To forget one another
Nothing works
And we both feel agonizing pain

So I say
Just hate me today
So maybe I can live for one more day
Without the love for you
Ripping me apart
And killing me from day to day

We were such fools
To think we would work
To do what we did
To try the things we tried
Was just plain stupidity
Why can’t you just hate me
Because I want to live
Although it will hurt without you
I can’t live with you

So please just hate me
So maybe I can live with just a little less agonizing pain
I won’t remember you

Because I will
Every second of every day
I will be thinking about you

Just hate me
So you can live a happy life
And I can spend mine just thinking about you

Just hate me….

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