July 14, 2009
By Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
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To have it all
To be loved
To be wanted
And even admired…..

Then to have it all
Come crashing on me
Like an earthquake
Breaking the Earth in two

Having pieces of debris
Come crashing down
Falling and smashing the Earth

Are like the pieces of my life
Slamming on me quickly
With no where to turn to get away

The wood that falls from the sky
Is like the love I’ve had
It’s crushing me now.

The glass that falls from the sky
Are like the people I love
That are leaving me now.

The pieces of debris
That come around from every direction
Are like all the good things in my life
That are now completely destroyed.

My life has become an earthquake
That destroys everything
Without even trying
Or putting in a hand
To tear it all apart

Earthquakes are horrible
Destructible and dangerous
So it really sucks
To describe your life as one

My life is an earthquake
That continues
And will never end.

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