Best Friends

July 14, 2009
By Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
Gabby PLATINUM, Crossville, Tennessee
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Best friends

We didn’t know each other
For at least a year or so
Man, I didn’t know what I was missing
And I hate how I treated you so

I had other friends
That I thought were the best
These so called friends
Leaving me to be to be lost and left
Leaving me to be eaten by the beast from below

I was alone for a few months
Then you walked into my life
And I knew I’d never turn back
To the old life I had
With the friends that weren’t friends at all

You helped me see the light
You brought me to mind
And I love you so for that

You helped me find my morals
You set me straight when I’m off balance
You lend me a hand when I’m falling
You’re always there for me
Whether it be 4 A.M. or 1 P.M.

You became my best friend
Now, we’re never apart
We talk about everything
From our families
Boys we think suck
Or boys we are crushing on
Or the kids down the block that just make us mad

We’re best friends now
And hopefully you will grant me with your presence
For a very long time after
And we will be friends forever

We are best friends
And I love you with all my heart!

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