happiness come aknockin'

July 17, 2009
I'm just waiting for an answer
Waiting for a gift wrapped with a silver bow
Holding happiness in its dainty little box
To knock on my door
And tell me all that I don't know.

And the pain wouldn't stalk me
And my fears wouldn't haunt me
And the misery wouldn't bother me
Because i wouldnt be able to feel it then
If I possessed true happiness.

But right now it just looks like the road is getting darker
And this path in my life is getting steeper
And harder to climb
And harder to breathe
Leaving me with more tears to cry
This life of mine is slowly choking me.

I don't want to live a life like this
Where I think and I wonder
With all these what ifs.
A mixture of regret and sadness
Can surely drive a girl to madness
But I'm not insane
Just a little cooped up
In a house of pain
Where anything can go wrong
And nothing I ever do is right
Where I wake up
And then pretty soon
It's good night
And the cycle repeats all over again the next day.

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kiwi12 said...
Aug. 10, 2009 at 12:52 am
this is such a simple poem but it fills you up like a good bowl of yummy chicken noodle soup. I adore it.
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