Beauty Walks

July 27, 2009
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From a long nights sleep everything is now awake
The mountains so big and strong knowing this is thier fate
The clouds roll in from the south looking like they are apart
And the sun comes in from the
east engulfing all the dark
The mountains stand tall, overlooking the valley flowing from left to right
Morning has come it is no longer night
Staying here forever with great beauty we are trying to endure
But making our special time wonderful, I defiantly reassure
Do not say a word; let the silence do the talking
Because when you make a single sound, the beauty will be walking
Let your breath take you into a mysterious but beautiful place
And let all of your expressions show on your body’s face
The beauty that you’re looking at is what God has given
Beauty will take you on a stroll; your mind will soon be driven
The rocks, mountains, sky, clouds, and sun, all those you have seen
Just because the beauty walks, that’s why it's a wonderful dream
But when your time has come, when night calls your name, Oh do not fear
Because when you open your eyes in the morning, Beauty will appear

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Gabimarie A. said...
Jul. 31, 2009 at 1:10 am
This is amazing. this is really beautiful. And beauty is everywhere. :D Keep up the great. :D
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