A Teenager's Heart MAG

By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

Each moment a whirl of excitement
I'm jumping off a ledge with closed eyes
     with the bottom never to be seen
Each day isa grueling journey without a map
I feel so found yet simultaneouslylost
I'm a wall of love with small indents of hate
Curiosity is the seed ofmy knowledge
     while regrets are the leaves of mybranches
The ones who caress me with a sheet of silky love
     are the ones who sand my heart down to itscore
My goal surpasses fame or fortune
     butis one for content and stability
Myself is a truth I'm still searchingfor
My self love is buried deep in the depths
     of the terrain of my time
     waiting to be dug up like the fossils of mymemories
Confusion is a puzzle scattered about thefloor
     A floor which I daily walk upon
Myheart is a fragile balloon
     Fragile, but risingabove all

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