July 16, 2009
Stanton is strong, he is quiet
He says his quiet cause of his sister
His hair is black, can I dye it?
His skin is dark, I want a blister

He wears glasses, he wears a cap
He is nice and he is boring
When I see him I'll say, "Oh Snap!"
When I hear him, I'll be snoring

I'm just kidding, his kinda fun
When I'm chatting with him online
He makes me shine bright like the sun
His honost, and you wont catch him lyin

Stanton G. thats his name
Stanton G. is 18
dont know if he plays games
and I dont know if his been seen

I think I ran out of rhymes
I dont know anything else from him
oh gosh, look at the time
Just one more thing, he is my cousin

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KuMaNgA! said...
Oct. 22, 2009 at 3:53 am
what?? no comments or rates? lol HAHA!! its ok...
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