The Ledge MAG

July 13, 2009
By dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
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She sits mindlessly in her chair
Boundaries and fences have crippled Her once-free spirit
He watches her empathetically
While she drowns in such hopeless Monotony
He knows that under her tamed flesh
Is adventure and passion
Much like his own
Yet he leaves her to her silence
He leaves her to her struggle
He leaves her to her shelter
Calm and alone she stands from her Chair
She puts down her pen and
Screams the words that could not Be heard
on paper
She runs away from boundaries
Authority, Society and Cages and
Stands in her solitude on the Ledge of ridged merciless rock
She sees the water raging below And dreams to be a part of it
A part of the wilderness
A part of the savagery
A part of the freedom
Ultimate freedom
But jumping is too easy
Too spontaneous
Too unpredictable
She sits just beyond her fences
Calmly and tamely resisting the Primordial urge that
Had driven so many men to madness

The author's comments:
In a world of limitation and boundries, we all want to run away from our problems and our responsibilities. But we must have some structure in life to keep us grounded. We must remember that there is power in our voice and there is power in writing. To me writing is freedom. We can say what we want, what we need others to hear, what we believe, what we feel. There is freedom in expression that can ease the monotany in our lives.

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