July 20, 2009
By Hayley Blatus SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
Hayley Blatus SILVER, Lawrence, Massachusetts
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If I could remember when I met you,
Oh how your blue eyes must have shone
Could I feel myself fall in love as
Your eyes locked on mine.

I remember how you held me
When I skinned my knee
You said you would always protect me
And never set me free.

I remember when you told me
Exactly where you hid the key
Encouraging me to come over, telling me
The advice was always free.

I remember when I spoke to you
The very week before.
You told me how much you loved me
You hoped that I had seen how much you cared.

You said you would forever be watching over me.

I remember when I realized
That I had never really told you
How much you really meant to me, until
I could not hold you.

I hope you understood that even as I left
And shut your heavy wooden door
I knew in my heart and head that I had never loved you more.

And as I walked away and stumbled down the stairs
I felt not a bit of fear
Because walking hand in hand with me
Was my dear memere.

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