The Official Goodbye

July 19, 2009
By Rainbow BRONZE, Orangeburg, South Carolina
Rainbow BRONZE, Orangeburg, South Carolina
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i have tried to love you
but it gets so hard.
ive tried to ne nice,
but youre so careless with my heart.
im not gonna apoligize
for something i didnt do
im not ganna fall apart
just because you said i hate you.
im not gonna admit
to all of the times ive cried
because my friends have caught you
im simple little lies.
it makes me so sick
to see how you deal
with having no where to run
its like you cant even feel
its not my fault
that you have lied
but it is your fault
to carry the tears ive cried
you'll say your sorry
even if its not true
you'll prove you're sorry
when you say i love you
but if you loved me
you wouldnt have hid the love that we shared
but it doesnt matter then or now
because i no longer care
you broke my heart
more than once
no more chances
no more love.
well im not sorry to say why
i gave and you kept taking
i tried to love you
and it was always my mistake
this poem wasnt mean tfor suicide
or hurt cant you see
so before you take that knife, and write your letter
please listen to me
there's one thing i'll apoligize for.
but its not to you
its to all my friends
i never listened to.
they tried to warn me
they tried to explain
the words that you spoke
that would cause me pain
if only i listened
and you had spoke out
just one more time
open your mouth
and i'll make a promise to you.
this shall be my last
i dont hate you
but its spreading fast
the hate speads quickly
its running through my veins
but dont feel any sorrow
i couldnt ever feel that pain
i hope you're happy now
because im not coming back
because between my care and my grace
love is what i lack
so this is to you, my special player
i hope i get to see you cry
because this is it
the official good-bye

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on Jul. 29 2009 at 5:27 pm
i enjoyed your poem. it showed all of your emotion well and clear. i hope having written this you feel better because its obvious that you went through something aweful. keep up the heartfelt work and youll go far.

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