Every Time

February 22, 2009
By Anonymous

As long as I could remember it happened.
He'd get angry for the stupidest of reasons.
It happened all times of year, in all of the seasons.
There would be screaming from our mother, telling us to get help.
But we couldn't, we were frozen in fear.
Every time it happened he would be drunk, not thinking straight.
Me and my little brother sitting on my bed, in the corner of the room, huddling together for comfort. Every time it got worse and at that rate, soon he would kill her.
Every time she forgave him, except the last time.
He never hurt us except for the last time.
It was summer, we were all in bathing suits sitting in the car.
He punched through the window, we hadn't been expecting it we ran far, and fast, we knew the pain wouldn't last, but we were afraid.
We all ran into the house of my mothers' friend for shelter, to clean the tiny fragments of glass from our eyes.
He started up a chainsaw just to scare us and that was when my mother decided she wouldn't take it anymore.
That was the day my mother finally realized she didn't have to take being abused any longer.
She was free.

The author's comments:
Everything in this is true and I'm glad now that it is over.

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