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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

The bright yellowsun
touches my cheek in the early morning
warming my soul,
whispering inmy ear,
with soft warm words.
I roll over and laugh.

As Ilaugh
at the words from the sun
it is as if the words
are telling meit's morning.
I rise from my bed and tuck my hair behind my ear.
This is mytime to reflect on my soul.

I peer into my soul,
but the silence isbroken by my sister's laugh.
I strut into her room with my hands over myear
She opens her windows and welcomes the sun.
She is singing aboutmorning
and invites me in without saying any words.

Her smile is thewords,
we can speak to each other's soul.
Nothing is as sacred asmorning.
We talk and giggle and laugh.
It is as if the beautifulsun
opened our hearts with loving whispers in our ear.

She pulls myear
and starts walking down the stairs, saying words
of nonsense. Itdoesn't matter, the calmness of the sun
hushes us and settles in my soul.
Ismile, she looks at me with a laugh.
We can't believe we are up this early inthe morning.

Eggs and toast and dew fill the air of the morning.
Momcomes to each of us and kisses us on the ear.
Her hair brushes my neck and ittickles, so I laugh.
Dad sits in his chair and focuses on the newspaper'swords.
Once again warmth fills my soul,
and I reflect on the words of thesun.

The bright sun in the early morning
awakes the soul with softwhispering in my ear.
The words are refreshing and enticing the world tolaugh.

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