An Unwelcome Reminder

February 19, 2009
By Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
Deviant GOLD, Sebring, Florida
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Lost in part temptation
I sit here silently
The bitter taste of regret
Lying next to me

Simply unproud of what I did
And ashamed of such a sinful act
There is no denying my mistake
And I can not take it back

But “everything will be alright”
Is not what I want to hear
Because me living forever without
Him, is the pinnacle of my fears

And sad, cold, and lonely
I’ll sit and think of what to do
But ending my life
Is my thoughts conclude

Then trembling I grab for my knife
Touching the cold metal to my wrist
I can hear crying in the back of my head
As I watch the blood begin to drip

Suddenly chills run down my spine
Now I’ve awoken in a sweat
And there in the hospital by my side
He is wishing he had never left

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