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By Unknown, Unknown, Unknown

I counted the hours from noon tonoon,
and got nowhere.
I'm supposed to believe something ended.
I'msupposed to believe something happened.
I wasn't told to do the labors ofHercules.
And I wasn't told to believe.
But I did.
It wasn't themovement of anyone but me.
And it wasn't destined to be a story, or to learnfrom, nor was it made to make me fit to take the hand of a king.
I asked theday to start, and it did.
But not because I asked it to.
Then I thought,
yes, this is another day.
I thought I could wait,
but I just foundmyself begging
to be taken into its light.
But today I learned,
Ilooked and waited for nothing.
Forward or backward,
I gotnowhere.
Still I wanted to see as you did,
and I blame no one for it,
yet no one blames me.
My days go slowly,
and for the nights twined todays
and I believed it.
Knowing I would find nothing,
I still searchedfor someone,
or something other than myself,
not knowing what I leftbehind.
See, but no one expects one to fall behind.
They think my failuresare too good for them.
Yet as I end up empty,
I find nothing,
regretting nothing.

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