Ode To Twilight

July 22, 2009
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It was my first day, at a school very new,
His snowy white skin should've been the first clue.
I turned to my friend and asked for his name,
"That's Edward Cullen, he's gorgeous!" I heard her explain.
I turned to look and found him looking back,
That's when I saw, his eyes were nearly black.
He was staring at me, with a look that could kill,
The intensity in his eyes gave me a chill.
What's wrong with me? I thought to myself,
Through the rest of class, he kept to himself.
Over the next 4 days, he was no where to be seen,
I was going to ask him, why he had been so mean.
When he finally returned he looked at me and said:
"I'm Edward, you're Bella." I could feel my face turning red.
I noticed a change in the color of his eyes,
"Did you get contacts?" I asked in surprise.
The color had gone from black to a gold,
"It's just the lights, they change" is what I was told.
He was across the lot I started to observe,
As a van hit some ice and started to swerve.
When it got to me, something hit me hard to the ground,
I saw him raise a hand and lift the van without a sound.
That's when i realized, he wasn't the same,
His strength, cold skin, and his perfect frame?
"I know what you are" I said in the medow that day.
"Say it out loud," said the predator to the prey.
"Vampire," I said, without fear in my voice,
To go, or to stay, he gave me that choice.
I couldn't leave him, or walk away,
I loved him too much, I just had to stay.
So the lion fell in love, and the lamb fell too,
They'd be together forever, that they both knew.

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