What to do?

July 22, 2009
By Anonymous

You leave me with endless frustration
Playing with me, I’m not a toy.
Mind clouded with memories of the pain and sorrow I’ve dealt
Coming back to me only to hurt me again
Who says this times different..
No matter what my love still burns for you.
Wild horses couldn’t drag me away
Nights spent crying hearing the lyrics of the stones
Happiness was just a moonlight mile down the road.
Because every time you liked me it’d be fulfilled
Till I was hurt once again
Sobbing on the pillow
Once again you tell me you like me.
Who says this time’s different
Prove it to me please
I keep those tears hid out of sight of him
But alone I let it loose, let it all come down.
Maybe im a fool to cry?
All my friends tell me to dry my eyes
Im sick of your lies
But I see a light in you
Just please be true

The author's comments:
I used The Rolling Stones as an inspiration on parts of this poem.

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