love just isn't love anymore

July 22, 2009
By PoetryBeastTodd52 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
PoetryBeastTodd52 BRONZE, Gainesville, Florida
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Love just isn't love anymore,
We have traded in the essence of our souls

For a filthy external connection...

What was our sacred and beautiful temple or our own private garden became nothing more, than a free pass

to the lucrative forbidden adrenaline shot to our hearts

Love is just not love anymore
what was once our unconditional safety net, the rope that pulled us back to our humble beginnings

is now a first person judgement between a rich man and a poor man

A limited warranty on a mattress, a car, a refrigerator, a dining set

How dare we have the same content about love as we do such frivolous materialistic items

Love is just not love anymore
the I love yous that made our ears flutter and put delight in our souls, slowed into a trickle of water for a thirsty man

The hugs and kisses that fed children and nourished their bodies to become respectable men and women,

To reveal genius or spark imagination to scuplt and to shape

unsaid and unfelt though the hole within the midsection is filled with alcohol, drugs, sex, and the lust of money

Ravished souls gasping for love, grasping to anything that makes them feel selfworth

Love is not a hoty commodity, but a simple yet endless tune that strokes open passages to life

Love is just not love anymore

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