The Stone Suitor

July 22, 2009
By dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
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Sculptured from stone
And coated thickly in diamonds…
The woman sits upon her throne
Below her is a kingdom of coal
That leaves her outcast and alone

Wondering stares are reflected
In the diamond cloak she wears
But a lover’s tender kisses
Would slide right down from her stone hair

She possesses a strange freedom
Deep within her soul
For her being is resistant
To the city cast in coal

Words that are meant to splinter
To tear the mind apart
Don’t even dull the flicker
Of light in her stone heart

The author's comments:
I had a dream one night about this beautiful girl who was covered in diamonds. She sat high on a throne, where the city folk, all dressed in white would just stare at her without saying a word, then pass her by. The poem was meant to convey that beauty is sometimes a curse. And also that when one puts up a shield, they will repel danger. But they may also find themselves repelling love and letting life pass them by.

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