July 22, 2009
By dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
dbby* SILVER, Bedford, New Hampshire
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Life’s biggest blunders
Lie hidden in the faces
Of the experienced…
The tattered and the torn

Incredible and undiscovered wonders
Lie sulking in the places
That are home
To the withered and the worn

A clockless city
With starless nights
And sunless skies
And unfortunate plights

Lonely pairs
And flockless herds
Empty stares
And flightless birds

Questions without answers
Asked desperately often
Quivering lipped pleas
That each victim has in common

None of life
Of what truth there is in lies
Not of strife
Or wasted tears they’ve cried
They gaze into the nothingness
And ask the heavens

The author's comments:
With such a curious society, it seems we all need to know the who, when, where ,what, how, and why in every situation. Most can easily be deciphered from common knowledge. But however frustrating it may be, there are reasons for some things that we will never know or grow to understand in life. For some things are far beyond human knowledge. This poem is meant to illustrate the frustration of those who suffer, desperate to find the source or reason for their pain.

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