July 22, 2009
By Laurel Lehman BRONZE, Victor, New York
Laurel Lehman BRONZE, Victor, New York
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I’m tired of being the friend I am not -
The one who is ditched when they first get a shot.

I’m tired of always being there for all,
When I realize no one’s there to save me from my fall.

I’m tired of giving them eighty first chances,
And listening to their oh so dramatic romances.

I’m tired of wishing I wasn’t quite here,
That I’d never met the ones I now hold dear.

I’m tired of giving them cheap shots at my heart
My friendships being over before they first start.

I’m tired of being played for a fool,
Only to be used, like a cheap garden tool.

I’m tired of my soul being hit, hit, and hit.
Cause I’m truly aware that they don’t give a s***.

I’m tired of this horrid passing time,
This feeling of my life already losing it’s rhyme.

I’m tired of crumbling, from inside to out.
When the river of emotions is undergoing a drought.

I’m tired of feeling like I need to escape,
To get rid this heart that’s all bent out of shape.

I’m tired of forgiving again and again.
When I know that they’ll only end up causing more pain.

I’m tired, though, most completely of all,
Because I know that none of it’s truly their fault.

I’m tired, of being this jealous girl,
Stuck for my time in this small petty world.

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