A Home

July 22, 2009
Dear girl
There is nothing to fear

This place will be fair

And kind
You will be happy with laughing and
Smiling friends
Take care and watch out
The pictures might give you
wrong directions

Walls will open
From behind tapestries
Candles that float in the air

Stairs may move to a new path
Or knights will laugh at you
But do not worry they all aren't


Why there are wonderful and

exciting stories

The young gold unicorns
or the dear sweet red phoenix

The helpful elves
and the prancing hippogriffs
And even the magical therstals

The sweet desserts at dinner

Presents at Christmas
under a giant Chrismas tree
Or ghost tales told from the ghost

The battles to got to
Don't worry the main one is

And yes there is tons of

But do not worry it will be

magical enough
This place will feel amazing

for you will have
A warm bed, your favorite food on

the table
And the most wonderful of all

and maybe a favorite teacher or two
Who knows maybe it might become

your second home
So please come, play, and enjoy


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