Missing My Chance

July 22, 2009
By Jacob Storms BRONZE, Spring Hill, Tennessee
Jacob Storms BRONZE, Spring Hill, Tennessee
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I missed my chance
Missing that girl
Wishing for us to dance
She could have been my world

I miss her smile
Missing her voice
Now seperated by many miles
I let you slip away as if I had no choice

I miss her affection
Missing her touch
Cursing my affliction
Our love could have been so much

I miss the time
Missing all the signs
I hope I'm still within your mind
Next time I 'll react on a dime

The author's comments:
This poem was written because it is true.

This young girl came into my presence near the end of my Freshmen year. She noticed me almost instantly. Though, I was very shy and not to interested at the time. The year past as did summer. When sophomore year came I had another class with her. And with her upbeat and bubbly personality she tried again to get me to date her. But at the time I was in love with another. It was rather complicated, but it was love. I was so much I didn't even stop to realize what was right in front of me.

Junior comes around and I have another class with her. Still with her outgoing and high-spirited personality she asked me out. Any other guy would have loved to have gone our with her. She was fun, unique, and very attractive. But I considered her not my type. Until I finally let go of another. But by then it was far to late.

Funny. By forgetting about one it can really help clear your vision as to what stands right in front of you.

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