Whispers from the Heart.

July 22, 2009
By AishaLee BRONZE, Utopia, New York
AishaLee BRONZE, Utopia, New York
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"Your not just any other girl to me. I love you"

The words she's not-so-patiently waited to hear have just escaped his lips.

Instead of healing the severed heart the words are hollow, relatively meaningless.

Instantly overpowering the tenderness of the moment, and seem to be said not as an admittance of his true feelings but more as an attempt to pacify her.

An attempt to stop the flow of tears streaming down her face.

She lives constantly telling
herself he's worth it.. all the while knowing, if he truly was, he wouldn't hurt her like he's done and will continue to do.

She stands there, crying in his arms wishing he'd never let go.

She's never felt so safe.

So vulnerable.

So scared.

The hurt he's caused would've driven her away early on had it not been for moments like these where she can feel not only
the physical hold he has on her but the hold he has and will forever have on her heart.

The tears come now at the sudden realization that the person she fell for has slowly faded and with him taking the life they once could've had.

Neither lacks the love necessary to rekindle the relationship but it is evident that the people they used to be cease to exist and the future they could've had has vanished along with the innocence of the relationship.

She looks up at him and sees the pain in the darkness of his eyes.
The same, she's sure that is being portrayed in hers, is being mirrored in his.

It brings them one step closer.
Closer to finally being together,
or one step closer to the end.

She lives petrified that she will one day be completely without him.

He's in her dreams, in her thoughts, and more importantly
he inhabits her heart.

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