Visage of Friendship

July 21, 2009
By Anonymous

Once I could rely on nobody to lie
Now I just want to wither and die
The things they say that I have done
Feel just like the bang of a gun
They screwed me over, traded me in
They just won’t ever let me win
All I want to do
Is leave this place
But then I guess id have to pick up the pace
There visage of friendship slipped by
I hate myself for believing the lie
I don’t seem to keep a friend
Even though my trust I do lend
They all lie and betray
It happens every single day
Everything about you is a great big twisted lie
Your visage of friendship slipped on by
It slipped by my best defenses
I guess I need a few more fences

The author's comments:
this poem is about losing a best friend who wasnt really your friend to begin with.

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