6 months and no progress.

July 21, 2009
By KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
KittyPanda DIAMOND, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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6 months go by and she's still stuck in her thouhgts.
The thought of him gives her that pain she's worked hard not to get.
No one could stop it,
It was ment to be.
To make her stronger,
And aware of what she has and could lose.
But what really came out of it, was a lost, petrified girl, who's scared and alone, with no will to move forward.
She's faving this on her own,
She won't accept help.
She's determined to be happy, to be the old her.
But in the struggle to survive,
She finds it easier just to say good-bye.
She takes her last breath, as her breathing has stopped.
She becomes motionless and completly deceased.
But a mirical happens,
Her heart is still beating.
She slowly beings to breath.
It's spontainious, it's too soon to tell.
Will she make it? Or will she fail?
No one knows.
Only time will tell.
As the sun falls and the moon rises,
Night after night,
She gets back up on her feet.
Maybe she'll live a happy life after-all.
Only time will tell.

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