Trying to Realize

July 21, 2009
By Amy Hoover BRONZE, Bridgewater, Virginia
Amy Hoover BRONZE, Bridgewater, Virginia
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Amidst all the pointless noise
You are the echo to every voice.
A guy may talk, but I won’t care
Unless it’s you who’s standing there.
I have no clue; What to do?
I seriously feel I don’t like you!
Together we took a nap,
I’d probably feel nothing, even with you on my lap.
Not that you don’t make me feel happy; you do!
Especially when on pretzels and chocolate we chew.
You’re sort of like my best guy friend
But then why do I impatiently wait for the day to end, for you to hit the button and send…
For my phone to sing and you to say,
A simple word, a single, “hey”.
Though you soon say you have to go
We still text for hours, just so you know
I’d love to say a zillion “hi’s,
But honestly, I just don’t get butterflies.
Atleast not yet…
If I never date you, that for sure I will regret.
A lot. Probably.
We’ll see.
Now I know you know the real nutty me!
And you like it…(!) Whatever happens will be…
But you’ve got her and she’s got you,
A perfect pair, just the two.
I sigh and smile as I look at you guys,
Wondering if I’ll ever truly realize.
So while my sent text is still pending,
I remember you can’t write your own happy ending.
What message should I attempt to send?
Just go with the flow and you’ll soon see that this story will write itself, the end!

The author's comments:
I know this poem may seem a litttttle bit silly but it's all so true. We really did chew on pretzels and chocolate...13 full size hershey bars to be exact =)

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