Held Back

July 21, 2009
By Amy Hoover BRONZE, Bridgewater, Virginia
Amy Hoover BRONZE, Bridgewater, Virginia
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Held back.
A wall divides us.
The bricks are made up of different things.
But there's a door...
Hidden under the vines, I see it and try to open it.
But there's a lock labeled, 'Paige'.
Only she has the key.
As I look closer, I see a crack...around the tiny lock, the wall is beginning to crumble.
With a little work, I could make a hole in the wall.
But it's not mine to knock down, so I don't.
I sigh and keep knocking, waiting to see if he'll open the door for me one day.

The author's comments:
I wrote this piece about a guy who I had known all my life because he went to my church. But I didnt really get to know him, the real him, until we had a church retreat and I fell for him hard just like that. It didnt matter to me that he was only 14 and I was 16, I loved him. But he had a girlfriend, so I became his best friend. I know he had a small crush on me and if I wouldve told him how I felt he could've been mine. Sure I wanted to cross that wall, but I didn't want to have to destroy anything to get there.

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