July 9, 2009
By shawn BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
shawn BRONZE, Mesa, Arizona
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throw in the ooh, the aah
the fa la dee dah
taken back to basics
it's just my job

their are plenty of words
bouncing wall to wall
lyrics don't matter
just how there called

give me words give me tunes
make my world turn to ruins
don't matter about my hurt feelings
just give me those blessed words

some ooh's and aah's
and fa la dee dah's
make any other guy,
look like a heart throb

i need more rift more slur
just plain more words
this simple little melody
sung by three little birds

it's the same as every other song
just never in this tone
i see you like these lyrics
as i pass them through the phone

come on now
fa la dee dah
gotta stay fresh
like corn on the cob

i'm writing this song
while your ocean eyes are closed
when you wake
hope you like the words ya chose

drumbeat softly
drumbeat slowly
tell me which way to go
i'll let ya pick the tunes
let's just go soon

ooh aah
fa la dee la dee la dee dah dah
scitty zweep bopt dee dah
scatting makes any other guy
look like a heart throb
taken back to basics
it's just my job

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