What happeneds in Juvi Stays in juvi

July 3, 2009
By 3aker BRONZE, Elma, Washington
3aker BRONZE, Elma, Washington
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Verse one:
You couldn't keep a secret
if it were to save your life.
but were not getting any younger
so we might as well

go are separt ways.
this isn't working out
the way i planned it to
be in the end.

Pre chours:
I can't go on
keeping a smile on my face
and now i know.

i'm just a pawn in this game of chess.
now i know this is meaningless.
taking what little left i had to give.
leaving me with my heart on my sleave.

Verse two:
You couldn't hold your toung
and its killing me
inside and out
that i can't trust you

with anything
that i say.
Bringin me down
Bringin me down

Now that i know your Bringing me Down!!!!

The author's comments:
This song is about a girl who cheated on me when i was in juvi for 27 days.

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