Alone with no one to hold

July 2, 2009
Without hate there would be no love.
now that your gone i'm missing you from high above.
Seeing you all dead and cold,
alone with no one to hold

Verse one:
This disease came like a plague.
Taking you both before my tenth birthday.
i felt sad and different in a way.
The years have come, the years have gone.
You will live forever in the words of this song.

Verse Two:
This disease came like a plague.
Taking you both away from me.
I still can't see, why you left.
You left me so young.
I tried to be strong.

You were so strong,
even though you did nothing wrong.
Throught the light will bring the dark, and yet another fight

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Tears2Roses said...
Jul. 23, 2009 at 11:22 pm
I am so sorry!!!!!!!!!! it really tuched my heart. Keep writing your good at showing the mood!!!
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