My trip to the Zoo

July 18, 2009
By shoshana wagman BRONZE, Hewlett, New York
shoshana wagman BRONZE, Hewlett, New York
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When I go to the Zoo I have so much fun,
I see many animals; the monkey is my favorite one!
They climb and jump all over the trees,
When I look at them they smile at me!

They have fur of different colors,
Some black, some brown and maybe others.
The monkeys are so cute, fun and unique,
They are not like any other animals from head to feet!

Not all monkeys are the same,
Chimpanzees, Gorillas and Apes are just a few of their names,
They mostly come from Brazil,Columbia and Ecuador,
There are lots of cool facts I have some more!

"Ooh Ooh ahh ahh" is the sound they make,
They whole entire crowd they do awake!
They eat bananas day and night,
Sometimes this would even cause a fight!

They eat, sleep and play all day,
If they could be bought in a pet store,
I would buy one today!

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