Daughter to Father

February 13, 2009
By Anonymous

Why can't you be there for me
why can't you be there for me to say "Daddy Please"? I never thought I would be in with my friends who don't like or love their dad's, but now it seems like I joined in the fad
It seems like I'm stuck in a trance everytime i picture the day of my father-daughter dance
I see the look on my sister's face everytime someone mentions your name and it the same old same[routine]
1)You come Calling
2)You beg us to come see you
3) when we finally get there you act like you don't care.
I never in my life would think I'd be related to someone like you."i hope I never marry another you too!"is what i think to myself
I know it's probably hurting you to hear these words coming from me(but it's about time you hear the truth and feel my pain. it's about time that you start stepping up) to you , it's about time that you start telling me the truth
All the lies that you tried to hide and true feelings on how you feel about you are starting to come out.
When my mother starts telling me to call you, i feel a hateered in my voice and your, but deep deep deep inside I'll always do something you never did and that something is....

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