July 14, 2009
By tiff@!#$% GOLD, .old Town, Maine
tiff@!#$% GOLD, .old Town, Maine
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She sits there alone
in this closed off room
wondering why she was destined
to this sort of doom

Her feelings have been ripped and torn apart
thrown on the ground
she doesn't know if there is anymore left of her heart
to go around

She opened her heart
to let her feelings go
and now there is nothing left of her
to show

Now she is alone
lost and yet not found
and she feels terrible
because she has been gently let down

She sits there wondering
why oh why
did she let herself
fall for some guy

Can they still be friends
well she hopes so
but her face
will be hard to show

Will she walk away
with her head held high
probably not
she may just run and be completely shy

Where can she go to hide
how can she show her face
in this very very town
in this very very place

What was she thinking
she couldn't compare
she guesses she wasn't
but she doesn't care

She doesn't match up to them
in anyway
the way they talk
and what they say

Where is a paper bag
when she needs one
because she knows
she will be shunned

She's ugly and she knows it
and she doesn't care what you people say
this is how she feels
and no one can change this in any way.

She feels like crap
can this get any worse
please someone free her
from this stupid curse

As she sits there
she can feel her heart
is slowly dying from so many times
of being torn apart

Why is she here
why does she feel
can someone tell her
if this is real

As she sits there
she finds it is getting hard to breathe
she doesn't know what to do
can someone help her please

Her body is there
but her soul has gone from the inside
she guesses her body is
just here for the ride

She is here
her feelings are there
she's afraid if she touches them
she will start to care

She hates having to feel
she wishes should could be in a bubble
nothing would get in or out
there would be no trouble

But she is stuck there
with her thoughts and feelings
dying inside
with no more believing

She lost all her faith
along with her hope
and now
she's at the end of her rope

She sits there alone
in a closed off room
wondering why she was destined
to this sort of doom

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on Jul. 20 2009 at 3:26 am
one_of_a_kind_girl GOLD, N/A, California
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I totally can relate

sgurl75 said...
on Jul. 18 2009 at 6:55 pm
this is a beutiful poem, keep writing!!!!

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