Making a Difference

July 14, 2009
By JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
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Making a difference
A small action that speaks loudly

Simply donating some money
Giving used household items to the CCA
Or even giving food to a stranger

It’s a small action
But as more and more act
That action will

Until that one action, made by just one person
Is being made
By millions

A small change in one life
Will change millions
And save more lives

That one person who was saved by donations by family, friends, and total strangers
Is now giving food, money and other items
To a charity
Changing lives around the world

That one action, made by that one person
That one call to action
Was heard
By the world

And that one call
Made a difference
For all

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