The Good Ol' Days

July 14, 2009
By JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
JimmyC GOLD, Lewisville, Texas
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Those days,
When we had no worries, sitting side-by-side on the lake bed,
Toes gently dancing over the glass surface,
Were the good ol’ days

The times,
When we would skip school
And just hang out together
At the abandoned park,
Were the good ol’ days

When we started school,
You were afraid, as was I
But we made the best of it,
Laughing and enjoying ourselves,
Just like the good ol’ days

On this new day,
The good ol’ days
Are about to change,
Turning into faded memories that will one day be reminisced
When leafing through an old yearbook.

Other memories less fortunate,
Will be forgotten.

To most, leaving this place means nothing.
They part with not even a good bye.

But to me,
It is the end of one chapter of my life,
And the beginning of another part
One that will stay fresh in my mind.

And we will go to the new school,
Just like 3 years ago;
Scared and confused, but joyous and bright
Laughing each and every day

Just like the Good Ol’ Days.

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on Jul. 19 2009 at 4:21 pm
love it. that's really sweet :D

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