July 14, 2009
By METAFORE BRONZE, Lumberton, Texas
METAFORE BRONZE, Lumberton, Texas
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please my beautiful
please dont cry
crying is nothing
but water from the eye

your tears are weakness
leaving your body
when you cry you get stronger
stronger than anybody

when your not crying
you show technique
its beautiful and unique
how it makes me feel weak

i fell in love with you
but i do hate the tears
it makes me want to give up
give up on all my peers

lost is what im not
when you cry its what i am
forgotten in water forever
forgotten in gods lamb

lord tell me why
why does she cry
ill give anything to make it stop
ill give up my own life

fine! only if it works
its time that i die!
my final words goodbye!
now she will never cry...

The author's comments:
this is for my best friend and my girlfriend who i dearly love its about the tears i cause and the pain her family makes inside of her heart this is how i feel

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