December Skin First Version.

July 14, 2009
By basherk139 BRONZE, Marlboro, New York
basherk139 BRONZE, Marlboro, New York
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The december air nips air the uncovered pink skin,
She is not wearing hat nor shoes as the horns of the cars sound while they pass along,
These soundless wind gusts as the cars pass,
The frigid cold that's shaken you to the core,
The fear of not knowing when the next warm moment will come,
A cardboard box, some dirty news papers,
and this ragged blue tarp cover her from the incoming storms,
Ice cold fingers run against the dirty and hole filled blanket,
With her big and dulling blue eyes, she tried to keep warm,
This winter has brought the hunger to the streets,
Having no place warm to lay her head,
The fears that fall from her big blue eyes touch you to your very soul,
That doesn’t mask the fear she feels when she sleeps at night,
or the pain she tries to hide when morning breaks,
She feels the pain of death becoming and consuming her,
With no safe haven and no pure heart, she tried to survive through the harsh and punishing winter,
In a world that’s only tried to break her down, she’s always fought to stay afloat,
And this time she’s pushing back, and you can’t stop her.

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