Beautiful Breakdown

July 13, 2009
By Chelsea Wilcox BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
Chelsea Wilcox BRONZE, Lexington, Kentucky
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Beauty peers through lenses,
Capturing snapshots fading,
Memories burning bridges,
Whispering untold secrets.

Scandalous virtues,
Followed by holy sin,
Spinning twisters
of love, lies, and games.

Ways of prophets,
Mischief of felons,
Combining in a soul,
While alternating masks.

Rosary choking my throat,
Liquor staining my breath,
Nicotine addicting,
Heart jumping cocaine,

Bipolar days and ways,
Smiling at insults,
Breaking down beautiful,
Searching for truth.

Blistering ear drums,
Along with a dry mouth,
Biting my tongue,
From escaping emotions.

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