You Cant Mend What You Broke

July 13, 2009
The only way to save myself is to hide from you.
I don't know how i can beat this,
i dont know what i can go through.
Seeing you with her, it breaks my heart.
It would have been a lot better, if you had never given me hope from the start.
Saying You love Me?
How could you? Thats Low.
Please leave me alone,
I just have to go.
When i run, dont chase after what you tore apart.
Please stay away from me ,
Please dont come back and re-break my heart.

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dancestar said...
Nov. 24, 2011 at 10:24 pm
tht was really good..i loved the last line "please dont come back and re-break my heart" it was really good...i can relate to this emotion so this poem really spoke to me..great job!
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