Unspoken Secrets

January 31, 2009
By Anonymous

It was 3 am and I could still hear my mom cry.
Dad, why did you have to go and leave all of us here left to die?
As much as you promised you were going to remain in my mind, it is you that I could not find.
Damaged and broken, look at what you have done.
After a thunderstorm, you were supposed to be my shining sun.
A perfect family on the outside yet a family of betrayal on the inside.
Dad, you said you would never hurt us but you clearly lied.
You quietly put your suitcase on the floor.
Next thing I know, leaving us behind like an old memory, you closed the door.
Was it because you could not help but cheat?
Or was it because it was us, you beat?
We are not going to be the victims when it was you that commited the sins.
Was it because the woman you cheated on mom for made you happier?
Dad, please tell me. Did you leave for her?
Because if those were the reasons, then I will move on just like the sesons.

The author's comments:
My father left my sister, my mom and I because he was having an affair for the whole thirteen years my parents were married. Although I do not have the courage to confront my dad about what he did, I am able to blow off some anger I have with him by writing poetry.

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